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Fertigation System

Fertigation is an industry term for fertilizing your lawn through your sprinkler system.

Applied Sprinkler Solutions offers the best in Mosquito Control Systems. Controls and Repellants allow you to control mosquitoes, ants, and insects, around your landscape. EZ-FLO proportioning systems can deliver liquid, as well as water soluble, controls right through your lawn sprinkler system.
Many other landscape injector companies limit the use of their dispensers to their company-branded products. EZ-FLO believes in Open Product Standards and embraces the use of any non-hazardous control that can be mixed with water. EZ Flo’s warranty is never voided for using any non-hazardous control, allowing users to have freedom of choice for the product that works best for them.
EZ-FLO offers their own line of privately labeled products that we know will generate superior results. These manufacturers have tested their products in our proportioning systems and found that they deliver excellent results as well. Whichever control product suits your needs and desires, you are free to choose

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Insects live in most landscapes. Although some are desirable, others are just a nuisance or pose real dangers. Very few of us want to see them or experience them. Yet they are everywhere. Is there a way to control them without the use of dangerous chemicals or insecticides?

Yes, there is a way! You can control insects on your landscape by using ProKill Insect Control.

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